Jari Multisilta


I am the director of the University Consortium of Pori, Finland and professor of multimedia in Tampere University of Technology, Information Technology at Pori, Finland. I got my M.Sc. from the University of Tampere in 1992 in Mathematics and Dr.Tech. at Tampere University of Technology in 1996. I have studied learning and modern communication and information technologies and have been a consortium leader and partner in several research projects on this area. Currently, my research interests include networked and mobile learning, digital video storytelling and mobile social media. I have published over 100 international conference papers and journal articles on my research area. Previously, I was the director of Cicero Learning Network at the University of Helsinki (2011-2014). I have been the Visiting Fellow at Nokia Research Center on 2008 - 2009 and Nokia Visiting professor on 2012. I have also been a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, H-STAR Institute for over 18 months in 2007 - 2014. Download my full CV.

Recent Keynote Talks

Mobile Social Technologies in Learning”. OST'12: Open and Social Technologies for Networked Learning, Tallinn, Estonia, 30.7 – 3.8.2012.

“Models for organizing cross-disciplinary learning research”. The 2nd International Conference on Education, Training and Informatics: ICETI 2011. March 27th-30th, Orlando, Florida.

Recent Journal Publications

Tuomi, P., Multisilta, J. (2012) Comparative Study on Use of Mobile Videos in Elementary and Middle School. International Journal of Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applications. Vol. 4. 255-266

Multisilta, J., Suominen, M., & Östman, S. (2012). A Platform for Mobile Social Media and Video Sharing. International Journal of Arts and Technology, Vol 5, No 1. pp. 53-72

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Perttula, A., Tuomi, P., Kiili, K., Suominen, M., Koivisto, A. & Multisilta, J. (2013) Enriching Shared Experience By Collective Heart Rate. International Journal of Social and Humanistic Computing. Vol. 2, No 1/2.

Multisilta J., Perttula, A. (2013). Supporting Learning with Wireless Sensor Data. Future Internet 2013, 5(1), pp. 95-112.

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Niemi, H. , Harju, V. , Vivitsou, M. , Viitanen, K. , Multisilta, J. and Kuokkanen, A. (2014) Digital Storytelling for 21st-Century Skills in Virtual Learning Environments. Creative Education, 5, 657-671. DOI 10.4236/ce.2014.59078

Recent Conference Publications

Multisilta, J. (2011) On Actor-Network Theory And Learning Ecosystems Based On Mobile Social Media. IADIS Mobile Learning 2011 International Conference, 10-12, March, Avila, Spain.

Multisilta, J., Perttula A. (2011) Learning Scenarios with Wireless and Networked Sensors. The 2nd International Conference on Education, Training and Informatics ICETI 2011. Orlando, FL, USA, 27–30, March.

Multisilta, J., Kallunki, V., Ojalainen, J., Penttilä, J., Liu, A., Eduard, K. & Pea, R. (2014) Engagement in Inquiry-Based Learning with Mobile Devices. Nordic Research Symposium on Science Education NFSUN 2014, Helsinki Finland.

Recent Edited Books

Niemi, H., & Multisilta, J. (2014) Rajaton luokkahuone. PS-kustannus.

Niemi, H., Multisilta, J. & Löfström, E. (eds.) (2014) Crossing Boundaries for Learning – through Technology and Human Efforts. Helsinki: CICERO Learning Network, University of Helsinki, Finland.

Niemi, H., Multisilta, J., Lipponen, L. & Vivitsou, M. (eds.) (2014) Finnish Innovations and Technologies in Schools. A Guide Towards New Ecosystems of Learning. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Recent Publications in Finnish

Multisilta J. (2014) Media ja yhteisölliset sovellukset. Teoksessa Leikas, J. (toim.) Ikäteknologia. Vanhustyön keskusliiton tutkimuksia 2. Vanhustyön keskusliitto, Helsinki.


Name: Jari Multisilta

Birthday: Feb. 27, 1966


Director, The University Consortium of Pori, Finland

Professor, Tampere University of Technology


Pohjoisranta 11A

FI-28100 Pori, Finland

Mobile. +358 40 826 2910

jari.multisilta [at] ucpori.fi

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